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Lofty and Uplifted, part 2

My mother had her babies 1950s-style: she had zero preparation, withstood the pain of childbirth until it became unbearable, begged for relief, was immediately knocked out, and missed the big moment entirely.   After giving birth to my older brother, … Continue reading

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Lofty and Uplifted, part 1

I’ve been reading about You: what a monster You are. For years, I’ve mindlessly recited the Song of Moses in Morning Prayer: I will sing to the Lord, for he is lofty and uplifted,  the horse and its rider has … Continue reading

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How Are You? part 2

My minister asks me a question, if I happen to see him at coffee hour. Oh God. I mean, back when we had coffee hour, because we were meeting at church in the flesh and all. The question is, “How … Continue reading

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How Are You? part 1

Commuting used to show that we had a place in a working economy. Presumably at the end of each drive was a destination where money was made. In my cubicle-bound life – at the very last, in my Bold and … Continue reading

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Only a Story

Why pay attention to all this religion nonsense? Why struggle to piece together a confusing explanation that raises as many questions as it answers — a violent, death-obsessed story with a preposterous ending. Before we closed because of the contagion, … Continue reading

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The Day After Easter

In my tradition, after a big day we get to read all about it a second time. For example, after Easter Day, which has a good deal to say about the resurrection of Jesus, we read the accounts again on … Continue reading

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Don’t Hold on to Me

Today’s Easter, so I guess I should post a picture of tulips, or starbursts, or a blazing sun, or Jesus looking triumphant, but I don’t like any of that. I don’t like Easter. I like the story of Mary and … Continue reading

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He Descended

Christians are taught that he descended, and today, Holy Saturday, if you could get inside St. Swithin’s the Crazed, you would see the tabernacle door standing open, and the space within, empty. The reserved sacrament, the body and blood of … Continue reading

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Happy Discovery

I lazily asked in a previous post if Thoreau’s account of helping an escaped slave was a one-time thing or what. Here is the answer, from Walden: A Fully Annotated Edition, ed. Jeffrey S. Cramer, Yale University Press, p. 147: … Continue reading

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Personal Prayers, part 3

So what were those Quakers doing, anyway? They spoke no formal prayers, read no Scriptures, proclaimed no proclamations. They didn’t spell anything out. They didn’t exult or shout. What kind of church service was that? Well, it was one where … Continue reading

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