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Um, What Should I Call You?

tl;dr: If you have trouble knowing how to address a member of the clergy, “Reverend” will do in a pinch. Also, Episcopalians have status issues. You know how design is information? What do the visual aspects of the following two … Continue reading

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Standing Desk

My home office is in the living room because that’s where it’s easiest to roll the portable air conditioner and set it up for the season. I gave up trying to thread the flimsy exhaust tube into the flimsy plastic … Continue reading

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A Bad Bet?

The other day, I said that my father chose to be self-employed, but that’s only partly true. At a traditional company, he would have gotten himself shown the door, I’m pretty sure, unless he lucked into a really great manager. … Continue reading

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You, Wherever You Are

When I planned this blog, I thought I knew who you would be, Reader. I thought the blog would come to the attention of people who live somewhere near route 117, because I would mention place names along the road, … Continue reading

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Reopening Church; Old Guys

Imagine: No singing. No Eucharist. No shaking of hands. No hugging. No sharing a BCP or leaflet with a neighbor. No leaning toward each other in coffee hour chat. No sitting together for adult education. No hanging out in the … Continue reading

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Are You Making Your Rent? Your Mortgage?

Progressive Theology Twitter is going nuts … I dove in … probably shouldn’t have. The people getting exercised over a post about humility: how many of them serve small churches that may not survive this awful time? How much does … Continue reading

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No Sentimentalist

Nature is no sentimentalist, — does not cosset or pamper us. We must see that the world is rough and surly, and will not mind drowning a man or a woman ; but swallows your ship like a grain of … Continue reading

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God Is Like

God is like a creep with his arm slung around my neck, pulling me closer than I want. God is like the handsomest man in the room, absorbed in his responsibilities, never looking up from his laptop. God is like … Continue reading

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Skype Slack Teams Loud Empty World

At an online meeting, human cues are missing: the walking-in and the sitting-down, the sitting and the breathing, and the personal clutter (laptop, phone, notebook, pen, pencil, coffee mug, water bottle – some or all). Thumbnail portraits on a screen … Continue reading

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COVID-19, Mental Health, the Churches, and God

Friends, I first published a version of this article on April 17. I checked the original recently, and some aspects of the websites I mention have changed. This update should be useful a bit longer than my original post. Maybe … Continue reading

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