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Beside Me

Sit with me. You understand You’re second best. You won’t answer no matter what I say. There used to be someone who would answer. My childhood bedroom was in the front of our little ranch house. My windows looked up … Continue reading

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Winter Night Paper Boy

The file where I store my drafts for this blog is full of the most downhearted things imaginable. I am sparing you topics called “Running on Empty” and “Asunder” and “Barriers.” Do they sound uplifting or what. No! It’s dark … Continue reading

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Yesterday I had a hard deadline and was able to focus all day. I met that goal and today I can barely keep my head from floating away. Our software engineers are in India, where life is nine and a … Continue reading

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Someone with Me

God is with me. No. Jesus is with me. Well, no. But I imagine that he is. The reality is, I am missing someone terribly. A human being. I am mourning for a life that is over. So I imagine … Continue reading

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Beatitudes: What You Want, part 2

The use of the emphatic pronoun αυτοϛ is as if a 65-year-old man met his 38-year-old daughter in a neighborhood of Leominster, Masssachusetts, and stood on the sidewalk with her, considering a house. “Very nice,” he said, “Very pleasant-looking house. … Continue reading

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