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Closer to You

I used to want to draw closer to You, and I thought that death would be the best thing of all, because it would carry me into Your embrace forever. When I was feeling low, I would pray Don’t leave … Continue reading

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Child of God

I can’t concentrate, can you? I can’t keep my thoughts on my work, yet as a new employee I want to be quick and productive. I’m not. I look at my laptop screen and my big monitor and I promise … Continue reading

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God the Lout

We’re waiting for You. You are like the spoiled heir disporting himself on the Continent; we are the dependents on Your estate who have nowhere else to go. We don’t hear from You for months or years, no matter what … Continue reading

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Serve Others

My cellphone stopped recording during a presentation, and when I discovered it later, I swore and swore and swore. Tension swells up inside me and I want to smash my laptop against the wall; I want to hear it bang … Continue reading

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Lofty and Uplifted, part 3

I go to an online Bible Study. The person teaching it: male, in a clerical collar. The faces zooming back at me: eight women, two men. Another one of Your greatest hits: making us so badly suited to each other. … Continue reading

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