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Career Planning, part 4

At my newish job, I’m still learning systems and processes. I always record the Teams meeting when someone shares their screen and shows me the Box location, the Sharepoint site, the Development server, the transfer directory, the template, the form, … Continue reading

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Walking on the Sea, part 5

OK. It’s you. You’re up. You’re going to tell someone what’s important, to you, about Jesus walking on the sea. In case it’s helpful, here’s a summary: Jesus told the disciples to go ahead. They obeyed, and trouble came up. … Continue reading

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Prodigal God

You are the prodigal son. You had better fish to fry, You got bored and left us, taking Your inheritance with You: our confidence in You. I’m not trying to be clever, saying this. I’m trying to understand You, so … Continue reading

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You, Wherever You Are

When I planned this blog, I thought I knew who you would be, Reader. I thought the blog would come to the attention of people who live somewhere near route 117, because I would mention place names along the road, … Continue reading

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Are You Making Your Rent? Your Mortgage?

Progressive Theology Twitter is going nuts … I dove in … probably shouldn’t have. The people getting exercised over a post about humility: how many of them serve small churches that may not survive this awful time? How much does … Continue reading

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No Sentimentalist

Nature is no sentimentalist, — does not cosset or pamper us. We must see that the world is rough and surly, and will not mind drowning a man or a woman ; but swallows your ship like a grain of … Continue reading

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Skype Slack Teams Loud Empty World

At an online meeting, human cues are missing: the walking-in and the sitting-down, the sitting and the breathing, and the personal clutter (laptop, phone, notebook, pen, pencil, coffee mug, water bottle – some or all). Thumbnail portraits on a screen … Continue reading

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COVID-19, Mental Health, the Churches, and God

Friends, I first published a version of this article on April 17. I checked the original recently, and some aspects of the websites I mention have changed. This update should be useful a bit longer than my original post. Maybe … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon

I cuddled you, soft and warm as always, but now so light and so still. No need for a leash any more. I whispered to you, explaining again. You gave me a cat look. I gave you a human look, … Continue reading

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Level with Me, part 4

A few days ago, I attended an online anti-racism conference of church people in a denomination not my own. It was open to the world at large and I was curious. In the zoom tic-tac-toe window I saw the same … Continue reading

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