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Religion Fails

My little church hasn’t met in person since last March. We’ve had no communication among ourselves about yesterday’s attempted coup. I can’t decide: is this isolation the worst that could happen, or would it be worse to go to church … Continue reading

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Praying in My Own Words, part 1

If I was going to pray to You off the top of my head, without the benefit of the Book of Common Prayer, I might talk about things that are too hard to mention, they are too painful, and You … Continue reading

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Can’t Complain

I don’t have anything to say to You any more. It’s a good thing the Book of Common Prayer exists. If I only knew about extemporaneous prayer, I would never pray at all. You know what’s going on: I live … Continue reading

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Always Quiet House

This is existence – my existence: the fragile, dispersed family. Work. Activities and friends, dear ones, at church. At other times there have been social-justice actions – always modest, never self-sacrificial. There are hours and hours of isolation, and I … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Holidays

If you go here and fill in these values, You get to see some tender mercies: Massachusetts Unemployment Claims (I deleted every other week (mostly) because I only want to show the trend.) A drop in the unemployment rate from … Continue reading

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The Busy One

I quickly got a roommate after I moved into the apartment. She was fresh out of college, young and cheerful, high energy. I enjoyed talking with her when we crossed paths. If I was working from home, I would sometimes … Continue reading

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Moving Night

After my suburban childhood, dense city neighborhoods seemed magical. On a summer’s day, with every window open, the barrier between indoors and out seemed barely to exist. I could hear people talking as they passed on the sidewalk below, or … Continue reading

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All Souls

In the movie, the young couple are surrounded by boxes in their atmospheric house. The husband goes out to return the U-Haul, an errand that will take a couple of hours; the wife stays to unpack. She happily putters around; … Continue reading

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Career Planning, part 4

At my newish job, I’m still learning systems and processes. I always record the Teams meeting when someone shares their screen and shows me the Box location, the Sharepoint site, the Development server, the transfer directory, the template, the form, … Continue reading

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Walking on the Sea, part 5

OK. It’s you. You’re up. You’re going to tell someone what’s important, to you, about Jesus walking on the sea. In case it’s helpful, here’s a summary: Jesus told the disciples to go ahead. They obeyed, and trouble came up. … Continue reading

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