COVID-19 and Some Massachusetts Towns and Cities

Look! Data about the towns along route 117 in Massachusetts — and the city of Chelsea, the COVID-19 epicenter of Massachusetts. Many people there live crowded together, and they do all the kinds of work that put them in the greatest danger.

This image is from a map that you can download for free from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I think of the people in Chelsea. I pray for them even though I don’t know why anyone should pray to You.

Chelsea, an aerial view:

Route 117 – Sudbury, Concord, and Lincoln at the same magnification:

To be truthful, aerial views of some parts of Waltham, Leominster, and even Maynard don’t look much different from Chelsea, but those images just show a similar degree of tree cover. The living conditions are not the same. Look at the numbers.

*2017 figures from
**from Wikipedia. Decimal rounded.
Remainder of data from “Count and rate per 100,000 of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts” in the Boston Globe of June 27, 2020

 I wanted to add unemployment rates per town, but I couldn’t find that information.

Your children in these more fortunate towns are not able to overcome their weakness and fear and act out the generosity that would alleviate the suffering in Chelsea. They are not able to sell what they have and give the money to the poor. They do not give their second cloak away. I give money, but not sacrificially. I would ask if You are angry with us, but You don’t have a leg to stand on. You created us as we are, weakness and all.

June 28, 2020 COVID-19 Infections and Deaths

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