God Suffers with Us

So there You are, standing beside me, wringing Your hands.

This idea is supposed to comfort me. I am told this is the theology of the cross.

Fleming Rutledge says “The New Testament presents us with not two but three agencies: God, the human being, and an Enemy…It has been given to this Enemy to enslave humanity …” Advent, page 14.

In another place, she says that how evil entered the world is a great mystery, but evil is not God’s will. I like this explanation, but it doesn’t go vary far, does it. You still must have allowed evil to come into Your creation. I heard someone else say that You are fighting for us — as if You didn’t hold all the cards, as if You couldn’t prevail in a heartbeat.

I mentioned Rutledge to my priest. He smiled and said, “I wonder how much we attribute our failings to a personified evil. It was the devil that made me do it .. or was it just my own weakness?”

I want there to be a third party, not just You and us. I prefer You fighting for us. Otherwise, You created us broken and now watch us struggle and suffer — and obediently self-accuse, as my priest did. That gets us nowhere. So what if You came to join us for a while, to suffer alongside us (although without sin, which is something else we can get into).

January 3, 2021 COVID-19 Infections and Deaths

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