Level with Me, part 4

A few days ago, I attended an online anti-racism conference of church people in a denomination not my own. It was open to the world at large and I was curious. In the zoom tic-tac-toe window I saw the same assemblage of mournful white faces, and the same handful of dignified black faces, that I would expect in such a gathering in my own church. 

Except for the updated technology —

Except for the updated technology, I say –

I tell You —

nothing, nothing has changed in the last 50 years! Those faces, those remarks, that resolve, all could have been present at an anti-racism teach-in, that’s what we called them, I finally remembered the term – in, oh, 1972. And You know it!

Do You know what I think? I think You can sit this one out! All Your stirring scriptural passages, all the solemn vows made in Your name, all the hymns, all the ecstatic praises and promises addressed to You, have not improved matters for the very same population – the descendants of American slavery – over the 50 years I’ve been paying attention.  Sure, there was some affirmative action improvement, but then it was destroyed by people who had hated it from the start. And plenty of those implacable enemies were Christians who read the same Bible I do.

I don’t understand You, I don’t understand You, why do You let this go on! Why don’t you change us! Some people say we must have free will so we can gain insight and build character through our choices. That misses the point. Sure, give me free will, but change this twisted ugly thing in me and in every other human being. Revise it! You’re God, You can do it. Then let us learn through our choices and mistakes, but without the terrible cost to the innocent. You know what I see day after day in the news:  one radiant African American face after another – killed and killed and killed. They are paying too high a price for the depravity that You built into us, a nature we can’t rewire.

What am I supposed to think about You.

June 24, 2020 COVID-19 Infections and Deaths

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2 Responses to Level with Me, part 4

  1. Fleming Rutledge says:

    Your struggle is well worth honoring.
    Just one thing for now: God did not “build [depravity] into us.” It came into the creation as a result of the Fall. There is mystery here, as to where it came from and why God allows it…but God is never the agent in depravity. He is its antagonist.

    Please note that I write this to encourage you. I am not able to enter into an extended conversation, unfortunately.

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