Things to Read

A plain blogroll doesn’t tell you very much, so I created a table. Then I went nuts and threw in all sorts of things. There will be more.

Name of PageDescription
The Daily OfficeWords for you when you’re sick of your own, or you don’t have any, or you need someone else’s. Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline from the Book of Common Prayer. Music! Links to the great collects (prayers) that will probably say a thing or two that sounds familiar, even if you’ve never been to church. Bible readings for the day are included.
The Book of Common PrayerThe whole thing. Poke around!
Ralph Waldo Emerson’s HouseI’ve been to the house but I’ve never gone on his walks. Must try them some time. Did you know Hawthorne used to walk the long way around to avoid Bronson Alcott, who used to waylay people on the Lexington Road, and whom Hawthorne considered to be an obnoxious bore? 
Katie Luther, aka Katharina von Bora, aka “die LutherinI like this lady, Katharina von Bora (1499-1552). She told Martin Luther he was one of two men she was interested in marrying. Nobody else was up to snuff. He married her.
Drake House in LeominsterThis couple harbored escaped slaves. They had guts and dedication. 
Crusty Old DeanReally good church (Episcopal) shop talk. If you are grieving over your church, a lot of the wisdom here will help, even if you are in a different denomination.
Native Plants of New EnglandCan we undo what we’ve done? 
Luther’s Small CatechismMartin Luther (1483-1546) explains it all to you. If nothing else, read the Preface. I’ve set the link so it opens there.
Henry Grieves for JohnWhat book did Thoreau write while he was at Walden Pond? That’s right! A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers! Why did he write it? To grieve for his brother John and preserve his memory by telling the story of the trip they took together.

Where’er thou sail’st who sailed with me,
Though now thou climbest loftier mounts,
And fairer rivers dost ascend,
Be thou my Muse, my Brother–
Assabet, Concord, and Sudbury RiversRivers passionately loved by many people. Abused by human beings, too. I’ve heard older people tell childhood stories about coming into Maynard on Saturday shopping day with their mothers and racing to the bridge on Walnut Street to see what color the river was running that day, because at that time the excess dyes used in the mill were simply dumped into the river. 
Nature by Ralph Waldo EmersonUse the scrollbar or arrows beneath the window to move around. You can also use Ctrl + to increase the size of the display if it’s too hard to read.
The Young Visiters by Daisy AshfordStart with Chapter 1, “Quite a Young Girl.” Skip the Preface! The manuscript lay in a drawer for 30 years and was published in 1919. James Barrie wrote a lengthy preface that cherry-picked all the good parts and killed the rest of the book. Do not on any account get drawn into it! Staple it shut!

A gentle, imaginative movie was made of the novel in 2003, starring Jim Broadbent. It is lovely.