Walking on the Sea, part 4

I’ve given Matthew 14:22-33 my best shot! Here’s a round-up of sermons, where you can hear what actual preachers have to say.

Sermons are food. These are from all of the Episcopal and ELCA Lutheran churches on the towns along route 117, plus I have come up with an innovation: I have added a bonus Lutheran! Lutherans are so outnumbered in New England, how will they ever be heard? It seems only fair to improve the ratio from 3 to 1 (6 Episcopal sermons to 2 Lutheran) to 2 to 1 (6 to 3).

All but one deal with the passage in Matthew that I talked about in part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this set of posts; one church does not use the lectionary and the preacher preaches about the Good Samaritan instead. Plus, with another church, I tossed in another sermon just because I like it.

All of these sermons are good! This means, friend, that the preacher thought deeply about the Bible readings for the day, and then thought about the state of the world, the state of the local community, the voiced concerns and observable conditions of parishioners and non-parishioners (this means they thought about everybody, including you), and the preacher’s own experiences. Every church community is different and every town is different, so no two sermons are alike.

(Well, actually, two of these sermons are identical, but that is a result of the miracle of technology, it is not the result of two different preachers coming up with the same sermon!)

Each one is about ten minutes long. Listen to a few. Listen to them all! Think of all the crap you have to listen to in your life! Why not listen to something good and loving, too!

Something in them will speak to you.

  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Leominster. The sound is awfully murky, I’m sorry to say. Headphones are your best bet. Sermon begins at 13:30 on the timeline of the video. Click here.
  • St. Elizabeth’s  Episcopal Church, Sudbury. Sermon begins at 20:10. Click here.
  • St. John Lutheran Church, Sudbury. Two things:
    –Beautiful sung psalm at 23:24.
    –Sermon begins at 31:00.
    Click here.
  • Trinity Episcopal Church, Concord. A sermon that refers to the Old Testament reading, too, and relates the stories in a moving way. Sermons are food. This sermon is food. Sermon begins at 15:12. Click here.
  • St. Anne in-the-fields Episcopal Church, Lincoln. Two things:
    –The choir sings from inside their cars! You can hear their happiness at being together in real time. AND the words are printed, so you can sing along. Amaze your friends and co-workers! Hymn begins at 17:20.
    –During the sermon, I think the space-time continuum slipped a bit; the sound is disconnected from the image and the Second Guy (OK, I looked him up, he’s Greg Johnston, Curate), disconcertingly pops in and out of existence. But the sound track is fine, which is what we care about. Sermon begins at 22:20.
    Click here.
  • St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Weston. This turns out to be the same preacher and recording as the one used by St. Elizabeth’s in Sudbury. The preacher, Rev. Lauren Lukason, is the Curate at St. Peter’s. She must have been asked if she would provide her sermon to St. Elizabeth’s; their rector must have been unavailable for some reason, perhaps taking a vacation (which all clergy should do. They are all exhausted. This time is hard on them.) Sermon begins at 16:35. Click here.
  • First Lutheran Church, Waltham. This church does not follow the lectionary, and the sermon is about the Good Samaritan. Two things:
    –A wonderful children’s sermon at 5:30, with visual aids!
    –A wonderful adult sermon. Since the Gospel is different, I am including it. It starts at 20:36.
    Click here.
  • Christ Church Waltham, Episcopal. The sermons are provided in separate sound files, so they start immediately:
    –August 9, the sermon about walking on the sea. Click here.
    –August 16, because I like it, too. Click here.

And, finally, our Bonus Lutheran!

  • St. Stephen Lutheran in Marlborough. This was their first outdoor service of the year. Sermon begins at 15:00. Click here!

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